Saturday, July 27, 2013

dark side of the sun

these tattoos were done in Berlin, Germany. attempts at flash sheets were drawn in Istanbul, Turkey and in Cuba.. i have been traveling outside of the country as of late, scratching soiled scenes with my feeble fingees.. huffing the international shadow... finding the right dark matter hammer to beat my milky gong.. sleeping in caves carved by ancient human people and staring foreign scorpion sisters straight between the eye lids. keeping that celestial river inside my body flowing or whtvrrrrr.


dont take your eyes off the static, son.

the portrait of a classic american family born and bred Disney hell heaven is a t-shirt for Warpaint Clothing if they ever get around to printing it... for a weedwiz shirt i made them a year ago. get out of your house and into the world, girl.

thirsting for dirtwater

 tattoo on Kim i did while in BERLIN.. its been a while since i've fed the digibeast..
scenes from a sketchbook: some liquid trash for your viewing pleasures.