Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brokeland to Crooklyn

despite the panic attack inducing police state new york has become i find myself beckoned once more into her cold, stale embrace. this time i give it a year... goodbye sweet california mother lode land, and my true freak mamas of tuna town... i will be tattooing in new york starting February. no home no ride no job no problem. finally crawling out of this freak cave!
 TOO MUCH STUFF this is what happens when everything is free.
how we live aint secret
wuzzup brooklyn.

Friday, December 16, 2011

dem rootless youf

we had collaborated on this tattoo based on a drawing he had made
 Wiley came over wearing a Lemmy inspired Bad Blood patch i made in 2006 (i think) ancient alien artifacts

sour milk from the withered teat of a hollow mother

okok here are a few photos from my show at 1234 go record store in oakland. it will be up for another month if any you soiled souls are in town.
above is the first page of the comic book im working on... 

skate witches
 from the womb to the tomb.  what to do with a white rectangle.... 
 vibrations of a violent age led thoughtless youth to shallow graves.