Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brokeland to Crooklyn

despite the panic attack inducing police state new york has become i find myself beckoned once more into her cold, stale embrace. this time i give it a year... goodbye sweet california mother lode land, and my true freak mamas of tuna town... i will be tattooing in new york starting February. no home no ride no job no problem. finally crawling out of this freak cave!
 TOO MUCH STUFF this is what happens when everything is free.
how we live aint secret
wuzzup brooklyn.


  1. I found your blog through Monica and I recognized you from Laguardia hs! Did you also go to ms 51? Where in Brooklyn will you be tattooing? I would love to get a tattoo from you, your art is AMAZING!

  2. Hi-- this is so implausible that I will truly tremble at the Gods of serendipity if this works out-- but I am in NYC trying to move to YOUR location around the same time. I am similarly baffled as to ride/home/money. Back up.

    I saw a guy with one of your tattoos on a train. I asked him about it and looked you up. Ooh la la, I say to myself, I wonder if this tattooist is located in NYC. I read on and see this-- the very reverse of my own difficulty!

    I think we have enough in common (from the looks of this room, ha) to be able to deal with one another, and therefore PERHAPS! we could collaborate to engineer some kind of housing swap or local assistance to the other in finding a place. This is my tumblr as proof of awesomeness.