Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brokeland to Crooklyn

despite the panic attack inducing police state new york has become i find myself beckoned once more into her cold, stale embrace. this time i give it a year... goodbye sweet california mother lode land, and my true freak mamas of tuna town... i will be tattooing in new york starting February. no home no ride no job no problem. finally crawling out of this freak cave!
 TOO MUCH STUFF this is what happens when everything is free.
how we live aint secret
wuzzup brooklyn.

Friday, December 16, 2011

dem rootless youf

we had collaborated on this tattoo based on a drawing he had made
 Wiley came over wearing a Lemmy inspired Bad Blood patch i made in 2006 (i think) ancient alien artifacts

sour milk from the withered teat of a hollow mother

okok here are a few photos from my show at 1234 go record store in oakland. it will be up for another month if any you soiled souls are in town.
above is the first page of the comic book im working on... 

skate witches
 from the womb to the tomb.  what to do with a white rectangle.... 
 vibrations of a violent age led thoughtless youth to shallow graves.

Friday, November 18, 2011

blood puss puff


 hannahs fresh midnight stormcloud:
some tattoos i have done recently are unfortunately still too raw for photos... 

Thursday, September 29, 2011


shirt design for sweet freak Kyle Thomas' band Witch. uh.. you can press that to hear them rule.
you can click on drawing to make bigger.. .


dream come true: the 2012 cover! these lil dudes can most likely be acquired in any d.i.y bookstore or radical infoshop near you. usually $3-5 and totally worth it. i've used these organizers for over 9 years.. whoa.  support awesome things.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


a drawing i made a few months ago for my best girl moniqua. girl you my girl, girl. love never dies.

Friday, September 9, 2011

old news blues

in maine i got to take better photos of sterling blacks 2 year old tattoo...

stick n pokes!

miles' sick tattoo i gave him for 6-8(?) hours while he DROVE me to New York from Detroit after i hadent slept in 3 days in the bumpiest ride i had ever been on.. all done with a 3 liner needle! hahaahaha. true. it still isnt done.. missing a head of fire (sorry dude). he said i could give him whatever i wanted so i gave him the tattoo i have really wanted myself for a long time as an ode to todd from beavis and butthead.. but i forgot the eye patch... my dream man:

then in maine i gave my dear friend Sterling Black this stick n poke... also with a 3 liner needle and also not finished...
note: a stick n poke is a tattoo done with just a needle by hand... without a machine. for all you fools who dont know dem rules..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

always terrible photos

erik darvish's cacti patch. 2 more cacti and mad crystals and flowers you cant see. it takes up his whole lower leg... oh well. done 5 or 6 months ago.

Friday, July 15, 2011

isis fertile magik

finally got photos of tiffanys healed tattoo i did in new york! you can zoom in on it to see all the detail.. it was fun to make up hieroglyphics and incorporate my own gathered mythical symbolism with the ancient imagery of Egyptian goddess Isis for this rad girl i had just met...  ... got to her house at 11pm... drew and hand traced it till 5:30ish(?) am and tattooed from 7am-11am... by the end we were both delirious and confused...  tattooing on the road is loco but rewarding.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

feed the beast

drew the back cover of dear colin's amazing NYC pizza review zine Slice Harvester today! he's a prodigious writer/pizza consumer/friend. check out the next issue... if you want.
also this is my mad old twin towers tribute tattoo. it doesn't seem to look so gross in person.. 30 tattoos later it still remains my favorite... thanks carolina! i shall never forget.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

skate or cry trying

sorry for the terrible picture... boards finally came in! eric with the ying-yang board we drew together for 222 collective based out of Tennessee for whom eric does most of the art for. they did such a good job printing all that detail... unapparent in this photo. we each did the background of each others dudes, swapped headbands and ying yang'd down to the eye.
been really busy with tattooing, doing commission work and driving people around in my brand new... or... 50 year old "whip" (digging the beast its grave!)  lately but i have so many new drawings to share with you fine creeps! maybe i'd rather leak 'em slower than molasses.. or is it my lack of digital suaveness/personal willpower.. too busy dwelling in the innocence of pretending to be too preoccupied to indulge in self evaluation.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

my hero

also j poop (aka john root)'s new tattoo:
very proud of the free-hand prepubescent 'stache i convinced poop to let me add a last minuet...

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: whats with this tumblr bullllllshiiiiiit? all these fools re posting peoples art and NOT giving credit... my mind is blown.. extending/exposing your identity to the digital age seems to lead one to a stagnate cesspool- only to find yourself drained dry by ravaging leeches. i am happy to experiment with seeing if people connect to my art... and i realise now how much i need more support in order to not be the brokest fool around... but i don't want to see it thrown about or to appear in some vomit worthy dude zine i did not agree to contribute to... ask, y'all... im mostly pretty chill. in these trying times one must be thoroughly WARNED: the internet will suck dry your youthful soul and spit you out a sagging withered sack. go play outside and stop living vicariously through other peoples photos... for the love of everything forgotten to be holy we must try and remember what it real. myself included. with that said- i just deleted a 3 paragraph rant i accidentally wrote about michael jacksons body being shot into the moon, lunar runes and j.f.k... but this ain't no diary and i don't want to freak too hard on this thing... i really appreciate you looking at this waste of digital space and i sincerely apologize for this regurgitated post-teen angst. i have gone blind with the rage of my ancestral guilt...
without the dull throbbing of existence
the stimulation of our corpse will become meaningless in practice
and void of spirit.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the year of two suns

my illegitimate children

ye olde freeeeeak caaaaave. where i live and work and most likely will die. 
festering of the foolish.
tony let me tattoo his finger nail. new favorite nail art, yo. henry's sad alien reprezented.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

tattoos from before january

 Eden's tattoo- butthead and babe

Darci came over for a tattoo of lace and we went wild...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

made this past year...
burn mama

2-3 year old art.

ok dudes.. more oldies only because i cannot figure this out how to scan these big drawings i dragged all the way here... and i don't know how to put my cameras pictures on with this thing. and i have not slept in 27 hours. and i never use the computer. must take advantage. of everything. always.

 life-size cutout mermaid mama made of cardboard. (sorry about the nasty brown tarp she's laying on.) 2 years old maybe. the night i shellacked her i accidentally left her outside during the only intense rain and lightning storm i have witnessed in my three years of oakland existence... she survived. true story.
weave mama - unfinished. 
been ignoring this hairy beast for 3 years.. paper dyed with tobacco by David Ellis.
3 year old etching. framed. 

again... haunting past

more 2-3 year old etchings.. .
night rider

unearthed freak caves
Sisters of the Salton Sea
p.s. you can click on the images to make them larger, yo..


this is an old etching i made. been working on a loco amount of work lately... lots of drawings and bathing in foreign mediums-much of which i wish to remain secret until i am finished with this whole series. ..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

new orleans

photos of Elise's 10 hour straight tattoo have arrived!

behold the Whore of Babylon.
apon a 7 headed throne with 10 horns.
longest tattoo ive ever done... took 3 days to figure out (due to the distraction of mardigras week) then the actual tattooing went from 8pm-6am.. yes, i know- totaly unethical (as opposed to my usual 6 hour stints) but i was leaving town and elise is one of the sickest rightous mami's i have ever had the pleasure of meeting... for real. cant think of anyone else who could sit through that totaly unsedated.