Saturday, June 25, 2011

my hero

also j poop (aka john root)'s new tattoo:
very proud of the free-hand prepubescent 'stache i convinced poop to let me add a last minuet...

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: whats with this tumblr bullllllshiiiiiit? all these fools re posting peoples art and NOT giving credit... my mind is blown.. extending/exposing your identity to the digital age seems to lead one to a stagnate cesspool- only to find yourself drained dry by ravaging leeches. i am happy to experiment with seeing if people connect to my art... and i realise now how much i need more support in order to not be the brokest fool around... but i don't want to see it thrown about or to appear in some vomit worthy dude zine i did not agree to contribute to... ask, y'all... im mostly pretty chill. in these trying times one must be thoroughly WARNED: the internet will suck dry your youthful soul and spit you out a sagging withered sack. go play outside and stop living vicariously through other peoples photos... for the love of everything forgotten to be holy we must try and remember what it real. myself included. with that said- i just deleted a 3 paragraph rant i accidentally wrote about michael jacksons body being shot into the moon, lunar runes and j.f.k... but this ain't no diary and i don't want to freak too hard on this thing... i really appreciate you looking at this waste of digital space and i sincerely apologize for this regurgitated post-teen angst. i have gone blind with the rage of my ancestral guilt...
without the dull throbbing of existence
the stimulation of our corpse will become meaningless in practice
and void of spirit.


  1. i have a tumblr, and it's eating my life. i started it because it was a convenient way to catalog all the images i was already collecting, instead of putting em all on my harddrive. the end product of the stuff i do is usually a collage of visual concepts, so it's kinda my inspiration bank. i think it's bullshit not to give other artists credit. i put a couple of your pieces on there but i linked them all to this blog + put your name under them. i guess i should have asked first, as it is technically a public forum even if i barely have any "followers." sorry.
    i lack a lot of motivation to begin with, and all the inspiration has been building up to a maddening, frustrating degree. need to be productive! i'm going to grab this 1/4 life crisis by the balls cuz otherwise my feeling of waste of space will consume me.
    thanks for leaving me such a thorough reply about Oakland. it appeals to me more than SF because i like being just outside of the MAIN bubble AND having my own cube to inhabit, without sharing any of the cube walls with anyone. which is pretty much impossible in SF...cuz also i don't want to, nor have the financial capacity, to live in a mansion. my interest in friends over acquaintances is 100% to 0%.
    i lived in silver lake for the first year i moved out here and got sick of the bubble-ness of the "ONE" culture. even if you have no part in it, you're still automatically designated as part of the happy-progressive-artistically successful individual. aka major cultural gentrification into P.C.-land. Long Beach is sorta shitty (the part where i live), but if i had to choose (and did...) i'll take getting whacked in the face by poverty over having insincere hipsterdom fame-whoreishness slimed over my skin every time i step out of the house. I'M NOT ONE OF YOU! stop pretending i am.

  2. ps. winter steele thing is AMAZING. i've never seen it before..sooo good