Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2-3 year old art.

ok dudes.. more oldies only because i cannot figure this out how to scan these big drawings i dragged all the way here... and i don't know how to put my cameras pictures on with this thing. and i have not slept in 27 hours. and i never use the computer. must take advantage. of everything. always.

 life-size cutout mermaid mama made of cardboard. (sorry about the nasty brown tarp she's laying on.) 2 years old maybe. the night i shellacked her i accidentally left her outside during the only intense rain and lightning storm i have witnessed in my three years of oakland existence... she survived. true story.
weave mama - unfinished. 
been ignoring this hairy beast for 3 years.. paper dyed with tobacco by David Ellis.
3 year old etching. framed. 

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