Friday, September 9, 2011

stick n pokes!

miles' sick tattoo i gave him for 6-8(?) hours while he DROVE me to New York from Detroit after i hadent slept in 3 days in the bumpiest ride i had ever been on.. all done with a 3 liner needle! hahaahaha. true. it still isnt done.. missing a head of fire (sorry dude). he said i could give him whatever i wanted so i gave him the tattoo i have really wanted myself for a long time as an ode to todd from beavis and butthead.. but i forgot the eye patch... my dream man:

then in maine i gave my dear friend Sterling Black this stick n poke... also with a 3 liner needle and also not finished...
note: a stick n poke is a tattoo done with just a needle by hand... without a machine. for all you fools who dont know dem rules..


  1. Haha that's my Todd screenshot. Funnyyyy. Sup girl??? U in NY yet????

    1. hahaha coool i hadda google todd shot to show these fools. also, where are you? come draw cardboard bongs for my smoke shop at pandemic, yo. i need help

  2. That Miles story is classic!! Great tat and the Todd connect just makes it un-fuck-wit-able.