Thursday, January 23, 2014

ATTN: all soul suckling cybervampires

Why do I have $3 in my pocket and feel as if I have absolutely zero support for my artwork when invisible  night specters TEAR MY IMAGES OFF THE INTERNET AND SELL MY LABOR INTENSIVE DRAWINGS to unassuming t-shirt labels and bands. Thank you for raping all that is just and pure in this burning world. You are the sole reason I do not have art shows, make zines, or update this festering venomous pit of metaverse psychosis.. Rot slowly, lonely friend, for you know who you are.
For band, skateboard, t-shirt art or if you'd like your truck airbrushed or your skin tattooed by a real life flesh sack with spirit in skull you can email me at A soulful thanks to those few breathing creatures who support the hunch backed cave dwellers with sweaty palms gripping rusted stolen pens and three day old coffee…

1 comment:

  1. don't know how i stumbled on this blog. I like your art though, and it sucks to be taken advantage of. keep on keepin on, dude.